What We Compost

Good to Include

Our basic motto is if you can eat it, we can take it - that includes meats, fats, bones, and dairy. We can also process most biodegradable food packaging, serveware, and utensils. 

Food & Plants
  • All fruit and veggie scraps
  • Leaves and plant trimmings
  • Coffee grounds, filters, and tea bags
  • Egg shells and dairy products
  • Meat, fish, and eggs, including small bones
  • Nut shells and nut butters
  • Bread, pasta, rice, and grains
  • Cooked foods such as leftovers, cooked meats, and oily foods
Compostable Food Packaging
  • Paper towels and their paper tubes
  • Soiled napkins
  • Bamboo or palm serveware/cutlery
  • Wooden toothpicks, skewers, popsicle sticks, and chopsticks
  • Compostable packaging and serveware that is labeled BPI Certified

Leave Out

A great tip for serveware, packaging, and cutlery is that unless it clearly says “COMPOSTABLE” on it, leave it out.

Non-Compostable Food Packaging

(unless clearly labeled "compostable")

  • Plastic cups, cutlery, and containers
  • Coated paper boxes, plates, and wrappers
  • Styrofoam takeout containers
  • Hot coffee cups and lids
  • Produce labels and tags
  • Rubber bands or twist ties
  • Tea bag wrappers, sugar packets
  • Plastic straws
  • Candy or chip wrappers and bags
  • Plastic or foil-lined wrappers and bags
Other non-compostables


  • Bin liners, plastic bags or wrappers, plastic wrap
  • Tape, stickers/sticker backers
  • Synthetic sponges, rubber gloves
  • Diseased plants, or those treated with pesticides
  • Animal waste or large bones
  • Diapers, wipes, or human waste
  • Biohazard, medical, or feminine hygiene products
  • Recyclables (clean paper, plastics, metals, glass)

Best Practices

  • Minimize excessive liquids when possible - we can take them, but if you have the ability to strain beforehand, it's super helpful for us!
  • Be sure to keep your container fully closed when not in use, and ideally in a shady place.
  • Tear up any paper-based packaging before throwing it in the compost. If possible, cut large items, like whole fruit, bread loaves, etc., into smaller pieces.
  • If something can be recycled, please do so! That includes shredded or whole printer paper, bank checks, clean cardboard and brown paper, clean paper bags, and more - if it’s clean, it can go in the recycling first.
  • All containers must be fully closed to be exchanged. Please note that we cannot accept any materials on top of our outside of your Epic Renewal container. If you need an additional container or to adjust your membership, just let us know!
  • If you’re unsure if something can be composted - don’t hesitate to drop us a line and ask!