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We are the premier urban composting company in Los Angeles.
We work to make composting accessible for everyone.

We aim to help everyone combat climate change, starting with reducing landfill waste. Food waste and other compostable materials that end up in the garbage bin add up to at least 30% of all landfill waste. As they break down there, they release methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. We make it easy to prevent that, by using composting to break organics down in an earth-friendly way, turning your food waste into plant food.

The big takeaway? The more you keep out of your garbage bin, the healthier your neighborhood, community, and planet are!

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Our Mission

Provide smart, accessible, and environmentally conscious solutions for everyday life.




Collect your food scraps, and leave your container for us to pick up once a week at your home, or drop it off with us on your schedule. We exchange your container for a clean one, and do all the dirty work. It’s as simple as that!


Let us help your office, store, or small business shrink its carbon footprint! We'll work with you to develop the perfect solution for your work space, onboard your team, and perform regular pick ups on your schedule!


Whether it's a party, wedding, fundraiser, or production, we'll help you make it zero waste! We'll drop off and collect containers for your event, or you can grab them yourself! We'll even help you pick the best compostables to use.

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About Us

We are a collective of environmentalists, researchers, designers, and LA community members dedicated to making our world a better place by tackling the challenges of waste.

Every dollar contributed towards Epic Renewal supports improving and expanding accessibility to  composting services, and building a powerful knowledge base around compost best practices to share with our community and improve our entire food cycle. The more members and supporters we have, the more we will can develop urban composting in our community.

During these early phases, funds are being directed towards educating the public, building our composting capacity, and scaling our collection services.  Our current personal goals include becoming carbon negative, successfully enabling the entirety of greater Los Angeles and Pasadena to compost, and exploring new cross-sector partnerships to revolutionize the way our community engages with food, urban agriculture, and waste.

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We’re always open to conversation. We love collaboration, and are always seeking new ways to approach the environmental and social issues and impacts associated with sustainability and waste. If you want to talk compost, food, community events, or just plain talk - don’t hesitate to get in touch!