Where others see waste,
we see a brighter future.

We are community composters working to build a zero-waste world.

We keep food waste out of landfills and use it to improve soil health and support healthy, resilient, and equitable food systems.

Focus Areas

We work to build a resilient and accessible composting ecosystem, both locally and nationally.

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Composting Services

We specialize in composting for small and indoor spaces. Let us help your home, office, or small business shrink its carbon footprint by composting!

Zero Waste Consulting

We'll help get your office, home, or event to zero waste! We'll plan, manage your organics, and even help you pick the best compostables!


We provide fun, useful, and informative workshops on soil health, bokashi composting, and zero waste living! Join us to learn how to shrink your carbon footprint!

Composter Tools

Through the applied use of technology and app development, we aim to revolutionize compost site management.

Why Compost?

Did you know that food waste in landfills releases methane, a greenhouse gas 25x more potent than CO2? By handling our food waste through local composting, we dramatically reduce its potential negative impact.

Local composting diverts food waste from landfills, shrinks the waste hauling footprint, and closes the loop between what we produce, consume, and discard. Compost also promotes healthy soil, which leads to carbon sequestration, replenished water cycles, healthier and more abundant produce, farmer benefit, and ecosystem repair.

Benefits of Local Composting

Landfill Diversion

Reduced Hauling

Closing the Loop

Compost also improves soil health, leading to

Carbon Drawdown

Improved Water Cycles

Healthy, Abundant Food

Lower Farming Cost

Ecosystem Repair

Get In Touch

We’re always open to conversation. We love collaboration, and are always seeking new ways to approach the environmental and social issues and impacts associated with sustainability and waste.

If you want to talk compost, food, community events, or just plain talk - don’t hesitate to get in touch!