Epic uses bokashi fermentation to reimagine our approach to green waste in an urban environment, but it's also a great process for composting at home!

The Perks

Bokashi offers a number of benefits for those composting with little space or looking to compost meat, fish, and dairy.

Compost anything you can eat

Doesn't require outdoor space

Faster than traditional composting

Requires less maintenance and labor

The Steps

  • Collect your food scraps throughout the week.

  • Add your scraps to a bokashi fermenter, layering with bokashi bran. Let sit to ferment for 4 weeks when the bucket is full, draining the excess liquid occasionally.

  • You can either bury your fermented material for a major organic matter boost for your soil, or let us handle your full fermenter!

Get the Gear

Looking to try it out? We offer ready-to-go bokashi fermentation kits, with everything you need to get started, as well as inoculated bokashi bran by the pound.


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