Urban Composting is the heart and soul of our business. In a city like Los Angeles, there are countless barriers to doing the right thing. We’ve worked to develop creative solutions to a few of these through our unique process that avoids and even counteracts the negatives commonly associated with traditional composting. Our process utilizes the unique benefits of fermentation to drastically diminish heat, smells, physical footprint, and timeframe of the composting process. We even end up with a more nutrient-rich final product. We provide an easy and efficient urban solution to food waste. In short, we collect your food scraps and do all the dirty work so that you can do good.


Part of our overall agenda is to take a process that generations have unknowingly been utilizing for millennia, modernize the methodology, and continually refine the process. Every bucket of food scraps we collect is carefully recorded and monitored throughout the composting cycle to empirically improve upon design. The more food scraps contributed to the program, the more we can improve and scale our processes, creating an ever more accessible method of resource recovery. We hope to hone our process to create a replicable and easy solution that can be applied in science, agriculture, and the entire food cycle.

Personalized Services

We also offer custom services and solutions to fit your specific needs. This includes design, installation and any ongoing maintenance of your individual system. From small projects to massive ideas, we will work with you to create an ideal solution at any scale, using our process, or the best fit for your unique needs.