It is after significant consideration and with great sadness that we have decided to close this chapter of Epic Renewal as a compost collection service.

We are so infinitely grateful for the support we’ve received throughout this journey, and we’ve been so fortunate to do this work in such a vibrant city, surrounded by so much passion. We have been privileged to be welcomed into the sustainability community in Los Angeles, the national composting community, and have been so inspired by all of our members, and their commitment to building a brighter future.

We are so proud of the work we have done in Los Angeles, and the impact we have made collectively.
Together, we diverted over

0 Lbs
of organic waste from landfills, offsetting
0 Metric Tons
of CO2 emissions.

We plan to continue working at a higher level supporting the soil health and zero waste movements at scale, as well as advancing and continuing to develop our bokashi composting methodology.

We're excited to step back and reorient to find our best unique contribution to this challenge.

We look forward to continuing to build the future we want to see as we move on to a new chapter and new endeavors. We will keep pressing forward to build a new normal, a future where our soils and communities are healthier every day, and where everyone has agency in their choices and their impact on the planet.